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Diversity & inclusion

Creating a feeling of belonging for all our staff through our words and actions

Everywhere in the world, in all our professions, our 71,000 people embody, on a daily basis, the values of openness and diversity which constitute our DNA and those of our brands. We have never disregarded our differences: on the contrary, we are proud of them and encourage them. Thus, if 97.7% of our employees work in France or in the Netherlands, 6.1% are nationals of neither of these countries.

A commitment of every moment

Air France-KLM firmly believes that an effective policy of diversity and inclusion is key to the well-being of employees within the company, and has a positive impact on the performance of the organization. The Group is thus committed to combatting all forms of discrimination and promoting equal opportunity.

The professional integration of young people and recruitment of persons with disabilities are also part of our daily priorities.

To exit stronger from the crisis, in 2021 the Group launched an internal evaluation to analyse its Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). On this basis, we plan to build a future action plan to encourage an ever-more-inclusive culture and leadership, and reinforce our measures to combat all forms of discrimination and inequality, in aspects like representation, inclusion and equity, as well as to ensure the objective measurement of our progress.

Promoting gender equality

Air France-KLM has set itself a long-term objective of reaching parity between men and women within the Group Executive Committee and within the top 10% highest levels of management.

Medium-term targets of a minimum of 33% women within the Group Executive Committee and 40% of the top 10% management level positions to be held by women by 2030 were also set by the Air France-KLM Board of Directors in 2020. Concretely, in the event of the recruitment and/or appointment of new members with equal skills, expertise and management qualities, preference is given to female candidates.


Women in the AIR FRANCE-KLM Group (in 2021)


Air France-KLM Board of Directors


Air France-KLM Executive Committee


of women in the Group’s total employees


of women in management functions, at all levels


of women in junior management functions


of women amongst the pilots exercising managerial functions

In all the Group’s companies, initiatives in favor of Diversity & Inclusion are deployed to give our Corporate strategy a tangible form.


For example:

Vocational integration of persons with disabilities

Despite a difficult context, the Air France-KLM Group has reaffirmed its commitment to welcoming persons with disabilities. In 2021, the hiring of employees with disabilities was maintained despite a hiring freeze. The airline also prioritizes suppliers who employ persons with disabilities (more than €8 million of procurement was made from companies and organizations in the protected and adapted sector in 2021).

In each of the Group’s airlines, this policy is applied through a number of different measures:

Equal opportunities:

The Air France-KLM Group has a long history of engagement with the LGBTIQ+ community which finds its concrete manifestation in powerful initiatives within the different airlines.

Respectively in 2019 and 2021, Air France and KLM signed the association L’Autre Cercle’s LGBT+ Commitment Charter and the Amsterdam Workplace Pride Declaration. The latter aim to develop a working environment in which openness and equality are fundamental, and where there exists an explicit awareness of diversity, inclusion and the LGBTIQ+ community.

Since 2020, KLM has deployed the “Inclusive Ally” program, aimed at recognizing colleagues who demonstrate innovative and inclusive behavior. This initiative drives culture change and is in line with the People Sustainability strategy. During the annual Workplace Pride Leadership Gala, individuals and organizations that have made an exceptional contribution to the acceptance of LGBTIQ+ colleagues in the workplace are recognized.

Furthermore, in 2021, KLM led a Pride “road show” involving colleagues discussing D&I at different KLM locations, with a particular focus on transgender. 2021 also saw KLM participate for the fourth time in the Workplace Pride Global Benchmark, whose report showed an increase in the commitment and representation of the LGBTIQ+ community within the airline.

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