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Encouraging our people to play a role in innovation and the Group’s transformation

Employees at the center of innovation and transformation.

Our commitment to being a model company and pioneer inevitably involves innovation and the modernization of our Group. To this end, we encourage our employees to contribute to the Group’s strategy by putting forward ideas and suggestions, within the framework of the existing channels. This method generates a dual result: the acceleration of innovative projects and the professional fulfilment of our people.


Participating in innovation programs

All our employees have the opportunity to participate in innovative initiatives and improvements enabling the Group’s development. This takes place, for example, though the Yammer in-house social network at Air France and KLM which, since 2020, has seen all the ideas submitted examined and, whenever possible, implemented.  Furthermore, the best individual ideas and contributions are recognized on an annual basis:

Spaces dedicated to innovation

The Group’s companies are well aware of the potential and benefits currently represented by digital and dedicate both physical and virtual spaces to enabling them to pursue digitalization so as to be simpler and more innovative.

Through its Data Factory, located in front of its head office, Air France is pursuing its dual mission: the digital acculturation of all employees and the incubation of innovative projects.

The “Innovation Ecosystem” is an overall concept, launched by KLM, that empowers the decentralized innovation hubs and business units to innovate and stimulate bottom-up innovation ideas on all levels, manifested in particular in:

  • The connection between the innovation hubs and ambassadors, the latter notably leading the dialogue around the innovation in their business units;

  • Internal roadshows to raise awareness around the innovation ecosystem;

  • Masterclasses, which are open to all KLM-employees and are used for sharing best practices and leveraging internal and external inspiration.

  • Launch of the Sharepoint innovation ecosystem.

Raising awareness of sustainability

The Group has a number of different channels for communication on sustainability matters:


An internal web site gathers all the information related to sustainability :   

 Notwithstanding, Air France and KLM have specific actions, for instance:  

Air France-KLM also have external communication through its websites:  

 External communication specially for KLM:  

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