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Health, safety and quality of life in the workplace

The health and safety of our employees is an integral part of our decision-making process. It is our number one commitment to ourselves, our colleagues and our customers. We advocate for a working environment in which the well-being of everyone is a priority.

Accident risk prevention is a key part of our business

To attain our goal of keeping serious workplace accidents and the number of  incidents to an absolute minimum, and to improve working conditions and promote healthy lifestyles for our employees, we make a significant investment in prevention. The involvement of the operational management and the vigilance of our employees, supported by a prevention network, enable the detection of any at-risk situations.

To place accident prevention and a culture of risk prevention at the heart of our business, we have reaffirmed our long-term commitment to the following priority themes:

On an annual basis, we measure and report the key indicators related to health and safety at work: number of workplace accidents, frequency and gravity rates, absenteeism, etc.  Furthermore, accident analysis enables the adjustment of our policy and preventive measures that are constantly adapted as a function of the monitoring of the indicators.

Updated percentages for Air France:


Physical constraints, musculoskeletal disorders


Barometric otitis


Floor level falls


Frequency rate for 2021

Updated figures for KLM :


Contact with a hazardous substance (of which COVID-related 15%)


Slips and trips


Bumping into or being hit by an object

3,3 %

Frequency rate for 2021

Reinforcing the safety measures with the pandemic

In 2021, in a context of public health crisis, the emphasis was put on improving the prevention measures aimed at protecting employees from the epidemic risk in line with the recommendations of the public health authorities.

The deployment of these measures was accompanied by reinforced monitoring of individuals suffering from Covid-19 and their contacts by the vocational medical teams, a statistical focus on the declarations and the permanent availability of professional experts to approve the prevention measures.

Since this health context was potentially a source of concern and anxiety for our people, the Group encouraged the implementation of preventive actions to help its employees with stress management during 2021.

The Air France-KLM Group in the vanguard on hybrid working

The public health crisis has transformed working habits and employees are now searching for more well-being and balance. Faced with these extraordinary circumstances, the Air France-KLM Group reinforced its approch on quality of life in the workplace by, notably, responding to the high expectations of our people on the development of hybrid working. Concretely, at Air France, this was reflected in the signature of an agreement on remote working enabling up to 18 days of remote working per month.



Air France, this was reflected in the signature of an agreement on remote working enabling up to 18 days of remote working per month.

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