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Local development

Air France-KLM’s activities contribute to the economic development of France and the Netherlands by offering numerous opportunities, notably around the hubs which link the two capitals to the rest of the world.

Air France-KLM is a significant contributor to direct and indirect job creation in the regions around these hubs, from assistance and catering in the outstations to cleaning and the sub-contracting required for the operation of an aircraft.

The potential of hubs

They create attractive business environments: airport proximity leads to the development of other activities like hotels, company show-rooms, conferences, etc.

Furthermore, as the number one air carrier transporting international tourists to France and the Netherlands, the Group unquestionably makes a significant contribution towards promoting the attractiveness of France and the Netherlands as destinations, and to the development of tourism in both countries, with significant economic benefits.

Contributing to national and local development

At local level:

Air France and KLM are involved in various initiatives and bodies to promote sustainable development, and build human capital and the attractiveness of the regions around their hubs. The Air France-KLM Group pursues an intensive dialogue with stakeholders at both local and national level. This dialogue has enabled, above all, the adaptation and optimization of the Group’s schedule, operations and network to take into account the expectations and connectivity needs of the regions.

Creating social impact

The Air France-KLM Group supports initiatives enabling the development of skills, the vocational integration of young people and the social inclusion of vulnerable individuals. This also includes initiatives to promote access to training leading to professions in the airline industry, through numerous associations and educational programs for young people. For example:

Air France is a founder member and partner of four associations involved in information and training programs on aviation careers (AirEmploi, Jeremy, AFMAé and Engineers for Schools). The company organizes skills sponsorship initiatives by mobilizing its in-house teams and leveraging the expertise of associations like “Nos Quartiers ont du Talent”, “Article 1” and “Tous En Stage ”.

KLM supports a number of educational programs to attract and develop future talent through collaboration with ROCs, Schiphol Aviation College, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the JINC foundation.

The Company pays specific attention to employability and career path of all employees and makes sure training is offered to all staff categories.

Example of training coverage at Air France:  

     hours of


          Cabin crew         


       Ground staff      









Support for workers with disabilities:

Air France-KLM continues to support workers with disabilities by using companies in the sheltered and adapted sector for multiple projects like the upkeep of green spaces at some sites, the shipping of packages of uniforms or the packaging of audio headphones. Neither does the Group hesitate to entrust them with highly-critical services (four sheltered sector suppliers work with the Air France-KLM IT department) representing around €13.5 million of its procurement in 2022.

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