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Our social partnerships

Air France-KLM has long actively participated in international development

through its support for social, humanitarian, and nature and biodiversity conservation partnerships at the level of its airlines

Donate Miles

Through its Flying Blue loyalty program, Air France-KLM customers are also offered the opportunity to donate their Miles to 18 NGOs selected by the Group’s airlines including WWF, Ocean Cleanup, Close the Gap, the Red Cross, UNICEF, Wings of Support and Giro555.



31 million Miles were donated to NGOs in 2022.



allocates to NGOs and to different social and environmental projects

Air France contributes concrete support to development projects via four long-standing partnerships: the Air France Corporate Foundation, the Air France Humanitarian Aid department, Acting for Life and Aviation Sans Frontières.


The Air France Corporate Foundation

has adapted its projects while pursuing its primary objective: supporting children. The long‑standing projects on the themes of education for sick, disabled and vulnerable children are being pursued and now include environmental issues. In 2022, the Air France Foundation was active in 45 projects (13 projects for environmental education, 24 projects for children in difficulty, 4 projects for sick or disabled children and 4 projects to support the social and health crisis) in 25 countries with 70,000 beneficiaries. Among these projects, 12 concern France, with 30,000 beneficiaries on the national territory. The Friends of the Air France Foundation network mobilizes more than 4,800 employees around different volunteering, skills-sharing and donation-based initiatives. 


The Air France Humanitarian Aid Department

The Humanitarian Patronage Service supports 18 medical NGOs working with children. In 2022, following the health situation related to Covid-19, 520 tickets were issued for medical teams and the repatriation of sick children. In addition, free excess baggage fees were offered to more than 26 NGOs for the transportation of medical equipment and health emergencies within the context of the health crisis, i.e. 143 pieces of baggage. 


Acting for Life

For over more than 40 years Air France has partnered Acting for Life which, In 2022, Acting for Life, of which Air France has been a partner for more than 40 years, was involved in 12 projects in Africa and Latin America. Acting for Life works to promote sustainable territorial economic and social development. 


The air transport humanitarian aid association Aviation Sans Frontières

Thanks to the financial support and transportation facilities donated by Air France, the emergency aid organization Aviation Sans Frontières accompanied more than 950 sick children on the airline’s flights and shipped nearly 7,500 packages of medicines and minor medical supplies to 26 destinations. 

For its part, KLM works with selected partners to protect the environment and preserve cultural heritage. KLM also supports a number of major organizations helping the vulnerable including Wings of Support, which was founded by KLM and Martinair employees and manages projects giving access to shelter, education and healthcare to children in need across the globe.

In 2021, the partnership with Wings of Support was prolonged by three years. KLM is also involved in a number of partnerships aimed at preserving our cultural heritage and, more generally, supporting artistic and cultural initiatives. These include the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and various leading museums and theatres in the Netherlands.

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