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Sustainable procurement

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a major challenge for Air France-KLM

More than ever, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a major priority for Air France-KLM which places sustainability at the heart of its strategy and all of its projects. It is within this framework that the Group is committed to ever-more-responsible procurement at all levels of our supply chain, with the implementation of a dedicated policy and procedures.

The Group’s procurement which, in a normal context, can represent up to €10 billion annually, concerns a wide range of products including the purchasing of fuel, aircraft maintenance and services from airport service providers.

Our sustainable procurement policy

For several years, our policy has aimed to embed corporate social responsibility principles within our relations with suppliers, by reinforcing the management of ethical, social, environmental and supply chain risks (logistics chain).

The procurement process takes place in the following manner:

Empowering the buyers

On taking up their duties, our buyers must sign our Code of Ethics outlining the ethical rules to be respected when dealing with suppliers. A reminder of the Code of Ethics is also sent to our prescribers in the light of the anti-corruption legislation.

We have put in place an internal process to develop the skills of our buyers, composed of training, seminars and online access, enabling them to deepen their knowledge of good environmental practices. As with existing employees, all new recruits receive training on the division’s CSR commitments, from the duty of vigilance to the anti-corruption processes and the evaluation tool (EcoVadis).

Mobilizing and innovating with suppliers

The Supplier Relations Management System (SRM) is aimed at building long-term partnerships with our strategic suppliers. This program enables issues like Corporate Social Responsibility to be central to discussions and to move forward together on these issues.

The Procurement function sees its suppliers as bona fide partners in mutually-beneficial growth. In this capacity, it supports their research into innovative solutions and the analysis of the environmental impact of products

During the drafting of a product specification, the prescriber and buyer work together to identify the environmental and societal characteristics, thereby encouraging the supplier to not only develop the environmental performance of its products but also make a wider commitment to sustainability. The Air France-KLM Group notably cooperates with industry associations and companies on multiple products which represented around €8 million of procurement in 2021.

Measures in favor of responsible catering

One of our priorities is to develop an ever-more-eco-responsible onboard product. Air France-KLM is thus working on the development of a responsible catering offer, in terms of both the food services and tableware used.

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